Jan 16, 2019

Watch UK TV Abroad BBC iPlayer Abroad Ever since the BBCs iPlayer service was originally announced back in 2003, when it was ‘Interactive Media Player, it has been the one everybody wants to watch. We are not completley sure what it is about the BBC that attracts so many people, however more users watch BBC Television through our service than all the other TV Amazon.com: BBC iPlayer: Appstore for Android Have iPlayer on a variety of devices - SmartTV, Sky +, iPads, Windows LapTops etc. and now the FireStick. Always works great, with the exception of the 'Smart TV', Samsung 51" - 2012 vintage, which has a really clunky interface. Otherwise, iPlayer is great, as usual. But, unlike Windows and iPads, no BBC Radio iPlayer facility, though. Why? BBC iPlayer record requests | informitv Jun 30, 2020

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Amazon.com: BBC iPlayer: Appstore for Android

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