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Milestone Server Ports Management Server Service and Related Processes. Port Function Purpose 80 Management Server-IIS Main Communication 443 HTTPS Authentication of basic users 6473 Management Server Service Showing status and managing the server 7475 Windows SNMP Service Milestone Mobile Server (free) download Windows version Jul 22, 2016 How to Back Up, Move and Restore the Management Server Milestone XProtect Corporate 3.1. Step-by-Step Guide. How to . Back Up, Move and . Restore the Management Server. This guide is relevant if you want to move an XProtect Corporate Management Server installation from one physical

Milestone XProtect Corporate / Expert Ports

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Manage Licenses. With Milestone Customer Dashboard you can register, view, activate and update software license codes (SLCs). You can also assign licenses to your customers, combine licenses into custom license groups, and create test licenses for product demonstration and training purposes. XProtect 2020 R2 Publication | Milestone Systems This release covers new features like direct streaming, Server Configurator Utility, XProtect on AWS. The Milestone System releases keep you updated with the newest updates in XProtect. Want to know more. Find specification sheets, feature presentations, and other supporting materials in our download center.